All Facials are unisex & include: Skin Analysis, Deep Pore Cleansing, Steam, Exfoliation, Scrub, Extraction, Face Massage, Mask, Serums, Moisturizer plus Hand & Foot Massage. All Facials are deeply relaxing & soothing + results driven. Get glowing & rejuventated today!


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The Facials


Athena Custom Facial (60 min) $65 or (70 min) $75 or (90 min) $90

Products are carefully selected to fit your specific skin care needs. Facial includes a deep pore cleansing, steam with the healing benefits of aromatherapy, face massage, careful exfoliation and extractions that will not leave your skin bruised or irritated. Facial includes a customized treatment mask plus softening massage of Décolleté/Shoulders/Hands/Feet.


Athena Renewal Peel Spa Package (75 min) $150 

Katherine guides you along your peaceful escape will first experience the soothing healing benefits of breathing pure Eucalyptus steam plus experience a Lavender infused deep pore facial cleanse followed by: organic oil face massage, a scrub to brighten, glycolic and beneficial acids to soften fine lines and minimize imperfections, a Hydrating Apple Stem Cell Masque to infuse your skin with replenishing moisture and promote cell renewal, plus enjoy a Stimulating Peppermint Hand & Foot Scrub followed by an intense Hand/Foot Moisture Treatment, AND now for the healthy Goddess Glow - a treatment of Vitamin C Serum to firm, protect and repair skin cells plus Hyaluronic Acid  to plump, reduce wrinkles, and fully hydrate the Skin. Facial finsihes with a treatment of LED Light Therapy to promote collagen production and skin rejuvenation.


Athena Skin Revival Facial - (60 min) $85

Revive your skin! Bring back the lost glow with this treatment. Deep pore cleansing with Lemon Clay plus extra exfoliating with fine crystals. Nourish and hydrate the skin with a Cucumber Melon Gel Mask plus LED Light Therapy for healing, collagen boosting and anti-wrinkle lifting! An all around Spring Revival for your skin. (Also includes Aromatherapy and hand/foot softening massage)


Athena Ayurvedic Facial (70 min) $85

A natural beauty treatment based on the principles and standards of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means, knowledge of life. This facial style rejuvenates, stimulates, and revitalizes the skin; makes skin healthy, tone and radiant. Ayurvedic facial & scalp massage helps invigorate skin & provides an instant solution to the ill effects of stress. Katherine uses healing herbs and restorative products such as organic Coconut oil (nourishing),  Sandalwood (researchers have found that sandalwood relaxes brain waves and is suitable for all complexion types, it is especially useful on inflammation, acne, and dry dehydrated skin) plus fruit acids and minerals to exfoliate and rehydrate the skin. 


Athena Luxury Facial (Peel, Lift & Firm Facial) (70 min) $95

For Goddess worthy Skin! This results driven facial uses top of the line products to dramatically improve elasticity and brighten the complexion. After cleansing, a pumpkin, pineapple or glycolic peel is applied, followed by a tightening/firming mask made with all natural botanicals and enzymes. Includes softening massage of Décolleté/Shoulders/Hands/Feet  and LED Light therapy.


Athena Lavender Dream Spa Package (70 min) $120

Explore your senses and escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation. Send your spirit on a relaxing retreat! Indulge in a relaxing escape with a 70 Min Lavender Dream Facial with an Avocado Facial Massage + Deep Pore Cleansing + Custom Treatment Mask + Lavender Infused Dead Sea Salt Foot Scrub. The avocado facial massage will rejuvenate your face while easing headaches and tension leaving your skin soft, moisturized and supple. The Lavender infused Dead Sea Salt foot scrub will detoxify and soothe tired tootsies to put that spring back in your step. 


Teen Facial (60 min) $55

Targets hormonal needs of teenagers, helps control current breakouts and prevents future occurrences. Includes cleansing, steam, scrub, exfoliating enzymes, extractions, high frequency, a detoxifying masque, plus hand/foot massage. Add a 30 Min Back Facial for an additional $35. All the same facial steps, only for your back.


Athena Quick Fix (35 min) $45

This express facial is great when you need a good pick me up, to quickly rejuvenate and target those problem areas. Deep Pore Cleansing with Fruit Acids, Steam, Scrub, Extractions, Treatment Mask, plus Hand/Foot Massage and now you're off and glowing!


Detox Facial + Aromatherapy (60 min) $65

Wonderful aromas, naturally healing, take you on a sensory journey. This is a deeply hydrating, and soothing treatment great for Sensitive skin and those seeking total rejuvenation. You will feel your worries melt away during our therapeutic treatment improving the flow of energy in your body and assisting you to detoxify for healthier and more vibrant skin. Includes, detox cleansing, face massage, steam, extractions, treatment mask, Massage of Shoulders/Hands/Feet. Off to Cloud 9!


Back Treatment (60 min) $85

All the same Custom Athena facial steps, only for your back. Cleanse, scrub, extended massage, treatment mask and extractions if necessary. Great for back acne, backless events, or seeking a relaxing treatment.

​ Waxing 

  Brows $20

  Brow & Lip $25

  Lip $10

  Chin $15



  Lash Tint $25

  Brow Tint $15

  Lash & Brow $30

 Add On's

  ($20 & up) 

  LED Light Therapy 

  Collagen Eye Lift Mask 

  Collagen Neck Mask

  Pineapple Peel

  Pumpkin Peel

  Diamond Tip Micro

  Back Facial 30 Min 

  Neck/Shoulders 15 min 

  Glycolic Face 

  TCA Peel

  Glycolic Hand Treatment 

  High Frequency Face 

  Moisture Hair Treatment

  Paraffin Face Mask 

  Paraffin Hands or Feet 


 Body Treats

 AHA + Chinese Herbs for:

 Hands & Feet $35

 Lips $15

 Dead Sea Foot Scrub $30

 Body Scrub $100 1hr

 Back Facial $80    1hr

 High Frequency Cellulite $90



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