Healthy Radiant Skin Awaits...

 All skin types need to follow certain guidelines for radiant skin!


Maintaining youthful skin is not as difficult as you think. We begin aging from birth. We are exposed to internal and external toxins, the elements, poor diet choices, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances and of course, gravity. What goes on in our bodies shows on our skin. The result is sagging skin, pigmentation, wrinkles, and the loss of elasticity and collagen.


With an at Home Regimen consisting of proper exfoliation, anti-oxidants, serums/moisturizers, a balancing nutrient rich diet plus hydration, fitness/movement (sweating out toxins), de-stressing/calming therapies & sun protection, you too, you can achieve healthy glowing skin.  

Receiving regular Facials is a sure way to maintain a youthful glow as well as offering yourself a pleasing de-stressing detoxifying experience. Stress does show on the face, but can be treated. All Facials include lymph drainage face massage as well as specialized techniques that release stressed tense areas of the face.

Katherine offers customized healing aromatherapy, acne clearing, anti-aging facial treatments, body scrubs/wraps, peels as well as gentle resurfacing enzyme treatments to correct & balance all of your specific skin care needs.

Get Skin Wise! Treat and nourish your skin today- learn about the at home regimen according to your specific Skin Type, Body Type and Lifestyle. Book a Customized Facial which includes a Skin Analysis or select from the varying options on the Spa Menu.

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